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The Lost - Work In Progress by Vanessa Jaye

The Lost

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A young Princess Yancy ap Kaziel was proof of this, letting loose her untried magic to curse the lover who’d spurned her.

That curse had unforeseen result that turn the princess into a fugitive, and turned the lover into a devil no hell would ever lay claim to.

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Zoe and The Big O - Work In Progress by Vanessa Jaye

Zoe & The Big O

Zoë Hunter was never one to waste time looking before she made a leap, usually into a whole heap o’ trouble. So when a wealthy buyer came into the family antique store offering a load o’ money for a lost heirloom, who was she to turn down the challenge of tracking it down? Even when it turned out that the most likely place to start her search was the dilapidated old house on the edge of town that had been recently bought by a mysterious loner.

Oh boy.

Odil Couchet is a cop on extended mental health leave from work. Some would say he had ghosts to deal with. See, ol’ Odil had a special touch-each time he held the object of a murder victim, their ghost appeared to him. It was a handy skill to have in his field of work, but now Odil was avoiding ghosts at all costs. People too. Then some crazy woman named Zoë Hunter showed up on his doorstep.

Oh sh*t.

Before long, all their Oh noes! turn into Oh yes!yes!yes! (With a few ghosts and a dead body or two thrown into the mix).

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